Deborah Wiemer

D eborah Wiemer
Welcome to Ms. Wiemer's Preschool, home of the Perfect Preschooler's!!! My name is Ms. Wiemer and I have been teaching preschool here at Cooper's Poynt Family School for 24 years. In my 24 years here at Cooper's Poynt, I have had the pleasure of meeting many new families as well as educating the children of many previous families. Prior to teaching preschool in Camden, I spent 9 years teaching at a Montessori school in Cherry Hill. Five of those years were spent as a teaching assistant, while getting certified as a Montessori teacher, and the other four were teaching in my own classroom. My Early Childhood Certification was earned at Rowan University, when it was Glassboro Teacher's College, where I majored in both Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education as well as minoring in American History.
When people here about my early beginnings, the first question that I get asked is why I chose to leave Cherry Hill to come to Camden. My response has never wavered in the 24 years that I have been here, "To TEACH". In my years in Camden, I have come to not only love the families and the children that I have met and worked with, but the city itself. The people are so welcoming and caring and the opportunities for growth are limitless. When I see the growth that my children make, my heart just sings!!! When my parents tell me that their child cried because they were sick and still wanted to come to school, I feel warm and fuzzy! When my children interact with one another and show that we are a family, my life is complete. Being a mother of two children of my own, I understand the importance of a great education, and that is what I want to instill in each and every child that I meet. I want them to think that school is fun, that learning is important, and most of all, that they can be anything they choose to be in life. I want my preschoolers to leave me knowing that their future is limitless and that they are every bit as important as other children in this world. To teach is to touch a life forever, and when I encounter a student who is now 23 and they still remember me and the fun we had, then I know that I did my job!!!
Although I would like to take all of the credit for what happens in my classroom, that just isn't realistic. With 15 children, there definitely needs to be more than one teacher, and we are lucky enough to have Ms. Medina. Ms. Medina came to us from Molina School, here in Camden, where she had worked for 24 years. When Molina School became Mastery, we were very lucky to have her relocated here at Cooper's Poynt with us. Without Ms. Medina, my job would be twice as hard, not nearly as much fun and certainly a lot more lonely. She is my right hand, and the children just love her. Education is every bit as important to Ms. Medina as it is to me, and she has the same respect and love for the city. Ms. Medina not only works in Camden, but she also lives here, just a few blocks from our school. She graduated from Camden schools, her children graduated from our schools, and her grand children are currently attending the very same schools. Her love for the children is endearing and her desire to educated them and see that they get the best in life matches my expectations to a T. Together we are a team that is to be reckoned with and I challenge anyone to find a team that is more loving, more caring and more dedicated than the two of us!!!